Private UTV Tour

Private UTV Tour

Private UTV Tour

East Cape Adventure

Ideal for guests looking to escape into the desert and enjoy beautiful, secluded beaches with no-one around. This is a 3+/- hours private supervised expedition trailing and interacting with the rawness of the Baja desert. Lunch is served at our private beach joint at La Fortuna surfer’s beach where you can enjoy your leisure time as wanted: sunbathing, swimming, surfing, etc. The East Cape Adventure includes: 70km desert-to-coast trail loop, Box Lunch orders from Fausto’s Diner, Premium hydration options, Photo Ops Stops, Adventure Supervisor, Third-Party Liability Insurance and Vehicle Rental.

– Maximum capacity: 20 passengers

Duration: 3 to 3.5 hours

BOX LUNCH MENU Choose one of the outstanding options Fausto’s Diner at Acre have created for your expedition:

+ AVOCADO TOAST Sprouts, fermented chili, poached egg.

+ FAUSTO’S BREKY Brioche, bacon, cheesy egg, chipotle mayo.

+ TURKEY BLT Roasted turkey, bacon, avocado pesto, manchego cheese, potato chips.

+ PULLED PORK TORTA Roasted pork butt, pineapple-citrus marinade, homemade pickles, provolone, potato chips.

+ FRIED CHICKEN SANDO Ranch dressing, tomato, shredded romaine, potato chips.

+ VEGGIE SANDO Roasted squash, tofu and turmeric spread, lettuce, cheese, and tomato.

+ VEGGIE BURRITO Chipotle-black bean, scrambled egg, charred corn salsa, potato chips.


Baja Trailing 1000

Specially designed for explorers who have time to spare in their schedule and want to enjoy an immersive trailing and sightseeing adventure. This is a private supervised expedition where you’ll be trailing through the most amazing scenarios and enjoying fantastic Baja desert and beach views. The Baja Trailing Adventure includes: 55km desert and coast trailing, Premium Hydration options, interaction with local wild-life, Photo Ops stops, Adventure Supervisor, Third-Party Liability insurance and Vehicle Rental.

– Maximum capacity per group: 20 passengers

Duration: 2 hours

Please note that all expeditions are private and can be customized as needed.



$490 for one vehicle with 2 guests

$100 Additional passenger

INCLUDES: Beach Leisure Time + Box Lunch



$390 for one vehicle with 2 guests

$75 Additional passenger

INCLUDES: Premium Hydration + Photo Ops


*The payment will be made directly to the provider upon check-in.

**Prices include 16% sales tax.

***Please note that third party insurance and full write off of vehicles is covered by the included insurance, any additional cosmetic or mechanical damage done to the vehicles by the driver will be charged to the individual on a per case basis.



  • Vehicles can hold up to 4 guests at a time.
  • Not available for cruise ship passengers.
  • Valid driver’s license required for driver.
  • Passenger minimum age is 18 months old. (car seat available)

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