Our company’s purpose is to guide you before, during, and after your arrival, to ensure that your Cabo vacation is seamless “from wheels down to wheels up”. This blog serves as an informative guide to the Cabo vacation home rental market, the experience that other companies provide, and in comparison, what makes Cabo Luxury the preferred choice among experienced travelers.

The Cabo Rental Market

The Cabo rental market is non-exclusive. A homeowner can rent his or her property through many different companies and must approve each rental request individually, meaning that no booking can be confirmed instantly. This also means that, when searching online, you may find the same villa available for rent at the same price on several different websites. Because of this, when you are booking your Cabo vacation villa, it is important to make sure that you choose to work with a company that is knowledgeable of the market, well-connected with the homeowners, and actually here in Cabo.

How do the other guys do it?

Many people think that booking a vacation home through a large international rental website is the most reliable option based solely on name recognition (of course, we’ve all heard of AirBnB). However, what they don’t realize is that there is very little regulation with rentals listed through these websites and the quality of the villas can be very inconsistent—you never know what you’re going to get. When you check in to your rental, you are most often greeted by a housekeeper or neighbor who gives you the key and sets you free, without a tour of the villa or explanation of how to work the pool, jacuzzi, air conditioning, or complex electronics systems. You are very much on your own and have no support if something goes wrong during your stay.

In addition to the big international rental websites like AirBnB, there are several rental companies that claim to be based here in Cabo. In reality, they are based in the US or Canada. These other companies may assign you a “concierge” who will let you in to the villa upon arrival, sell you some services, and lock up upon departure. They do not, however, offer true concierge services and follow up to make sure that your reservations are confirmed and that your trip goes smoothly.


The Cabo Luxury Advantage

Cabo Luxury is the only Cabo villa rental company whose team is completely based here on the ground in Los Cabos. We represent more than 150 of Cabo’s most luxurious villas. Some of our finest villas are available for rent exclusively through Cabo Luxury, like Villa Fuego y Agua and Villa Mar de Vida. Having a large pool of villas to choose from ensures that our rental agents can always provide our guests with a variety of choices that fit their vacation needs.

Upon reserving your perfect villa with Cabo Luxury, you will be introduced to your personal concierge. Cabo Luxury is the only villa rental company in Cabo that provides a true 24/7 professional concierge service. Our concierge team is comprised of well-educated and well-traveled native-English speakers who live here in Los Cabos year-round. Because our concierge team has spent 10+ years developing close relationships with our local providers, they are able to provide you with unforgettable experiences. Our concierges dedicate themselves to providing you with exceptional customer service, expertly-planned itineraries, and Cabo insider secrets. Your personal concierge is your Cabo expert before, during, and after your vacation.

Your concierge will greet you at the villa upon arrival, give you a tour, and show you how all the systems work. Our chefs will be whipping up homemade Mexican appetizers and our butlers will be mixing Cabo Luxury signature cocktails in the background while you review your itinerary with your concierge. While you are here in Cabo, your concierge is available to you 24/7 by phone, text, or email and will check in with you at your villa periodically to ensure that every aspect of your trip is executed flawlessly. Your concierge will also see you off on the day of your departure. Our guests leave feeling like their concierge is a part of their “vacation family” and look forward to seeing them again on their next trip to Cabo.

What else do you get with a Cabo Luxury villa rental?

In addition to your 24/7 personal concierge, you will also receive a host of other benefits with your Cabo Luxury rental.
• Airport arrival transportation (1 Suburban) with bilingual driver and a cooler with cold beer, bottled water, and refreshing hand towel
• Welcome party at the villa including chef-prepared hors d’oeuvres, signature welcome cocktails, and 2 complimentary hours of butler/bar tender service
• Amenity Kits
• Free delivery and pickup of rental vehicle
• Complimentary additionally insured driver (Chauffeur Add-On)
• Exclusive access to Cabo’s best public golf courses, excursions, private yachts and fishing charters
• Guaranteed no mark-up fees for excursions and low-price matching


We believe that the most precious asset you have is your time. Most people spend months planning a vacation, because that time is more precious than any other. We use our expert local knowledge to make the most of your Cabo vacation, from the moment you book your villa with Cabo Luxury to the moment you return home. Thank you for trusting your future vacation with Cabo Luxury!

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