For many years, Los Cabos turned into a ghost town over the summer from July to October.  Travelers had a misconception that the climate was too hot.  Over the past few years, we have seen a change in the traveling pattern and we are glad to see tourists visiting here all year long enjoying the diverse activities and experiences the Los Cabos region has to offer.

Summer in Los Cabos is one of the best seasons to visit.  Here are a few of the reasons why tourists have started to flock to Cabo, with many leaving and raving about how amazing the summers are here:


Participate in a turtle release adventure with your family

Turtle season in the Baja starts in late August.  These sea turtles come home in search of the best environment to lay their eggs.  The Baja is home to five endangered sea turtle species: Hawksbill, Loggerhead, Leatherback, Green Turtle and Olive Ridley.  Thanks to the local and government entities that have formed specific sub-agencies to regulate, protect, and help our sea turtles and improve their habitat, turtle releases are one of the many unique experiences that tourists can enjoy, while keeping within the environmental protection protocols.  During the releases available for tourists, participants are afforded the opportunity to learn about these endangered species up close and personal, which help fund the rescue efforts and help these baby turtles reach the ocean without any human or natural distractions.  Guests at our villas in Villas del Mar can joy this experience for free on certain weeks by registering with our concierge team.


Water temperature

The Los Cabos area offers multiple public beaches on the Sea of Cortez and Pacific sides for tourists and locals, alike, to enjoy.  In the winter months, the water temperature in the area varies from high 60 ºF’s to low 70 ºF’s (20 to 23ºC) while in the summer the temperature can reach mid 80ºF’s (28 to 29ºC).  These high temperatures make this time of year the perfect time to enjoy a private snorkeling tour on Tu Enamorado or a private kayak tour.


Beating the crowds

While we have seen a lot more travelers visiting Los Cabos in the summer months in the past couple of years, there are still less crowds than during the winter months, which translates to less people at customs, the most popular restaurants and activities can be arranged with more ease, and beaches are quieter and can feel more private.



One of the most popular activities in our area is deep-sea fishing, and the summer is the best time of the year for catching highly prized fish such as tuna, mahi-mahi, blue and black marlin and yellowtail (hamachi).  There is a reason why Los Cabos is host to some of the world’s most renowned fishing tournaments during these months.  Ask your personal concierge for more information on our fishing charters.

Be the first to enjoy new properties and restaurants

Cabo is booming right now, and this means new hotels, spas, and restaurants available for locals and tourists.   One of the most awaited hotels is the Nobu Hotel Los Cabos, which opened on April 1st, and is host to their signature Nobu Restaurant.  Be one of the first travelers to enjoy this new hip experience.  Summer is also the best time to enjoy farm tours and movie nights at the famed Flora Farm Field Kitchen.

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