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We wanted to help our guests and travelers by answering the most frequently asked questions while vacationing in Los Cabos, Mexico.  At Cabo Luxury, we thrive to provide luxury service and unique experiences to our guests.  We are here on-the-ground to ensure that you, your family and friends enjoy the best of the Los Cabos region!  Learn More 


Do I need my passport to travel to Mexico?

Yes! Don’t forget your passport! We also recommend bringing a printed copy of your passport with you.  While in Cabo, it is recommended to leave your passport at the villa or hotel safe and take your driver’s license and/or passport copy out with you.


Cabo is in which time zone?

Mountain Standard Time (MST)


How far is the San Jose del Cabo International Airport (SJD) from the following cities/communities?

Palmilla – 20 minutes

Cabo del Sol – 35 minutes

Downtown Cabo San Lucas – 35 minutes

Pedregal – 45 minutes

Pacific Side – 50 minutes

Todos Santos – 1 hour and 15 minutes

East Cape – 30 minutes

Puerto Los Cabos – 25 minutes


Are there swimmable beaches in Cabo?

Yes! The Los Cabos area offers multiple swimmable beaches for you to enjoy with friends and family, such as Medano, Chileno, Santa Maria and Palmilla.

Visit the Los Cabos Guide for more details.


Are U.S. Dollars accepted in Cabo?

The answer is yes!  U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere in Cabo.  Some local business will accept your dollars at a lower exchange rate, but hotels will usually respect a truer value.


How should I use my credit card when traveling to Cabo?

Call your credit card company to notify them you will be traveling to Mexico and the dates of your travel.  When you pay with your credit card, you must ask them to “charge your card in Pesos” at the moment of handing them your card to avoid excessive exchange rates.  Note that some golf courses and vendors only accept credit card.

Should I be using ATMs in Cabo?

Only use cash machines at a bank.  Some will dispense both Pesos and U.S. Dollars.  Most ATMs have a withdrawal limit of 6,000 pesos (approximately $300 USD) per card per day. In some cases, this may be lifted by calling your bank.


Where should I buy my groceries in Cabo?

We have 2 Walmart stores, Costco and specialty stores for imported produce, such as Santa Carmela Market and California Ranch Market.

Talk to your professional concierge and ask how they can help you arrange grocery delivery to your private villa.


General Information

  • Some guard gates in the private communities may require that you fill out a registration form when arriving to your villa the first time.  You may also be required to leave a photo ID every time you enter the community. Your ID will be returned to you every time that you exit.
  • There is a water shortage in Cabo; please conserve water as much as possible.
  • Please be mindful of energy consumption during your villa stay. Recommendations: turn off air conditioning and lights when you leave the villa or when not in use, and make sure to close exterior doors, windows or sliders when running the air conditioning.


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