Tequila Tasting

Tequila Tasting

​Considered one of the world’s finest spirits, tequila is produced from the heart of the agave plant, which must die in order to give life to this great beverage. Tequila has become the quintessential Mexican drink and the agave fields are considered to be a UNESCO world heritage site.

The history of tequila is extensive, originating in colonial Mexico during which time it was referred to as “vino mezcal tequila” or “mezcal wine” from the Tequila region north of modern day Guadalajara en central Mexico. The fist form of the drink was created from fermented agave sugars, but with the arrival of the Spanish in the Americas, the drink was passed through stills, giving rise to a strong distillate with aromatic characteristics and a much higher degree of alcohol.

Through this experience, you will learn the history, tradition, legends and flavors of tequila, and you will enjoy a professional sensory tasting with a Certified Tequila Expert as your guide. This is a great start to your vacation in Cabo, as your new-found knowledge will allow you to appreciate many more types of tequila during the rest of your stay here in sunny Cabo!


​$850 USD up to 8 guests

$1,350 USD from 9 to 16 guests

*16% sales tax not included.


Approximately 2 hours


Activity Level

Low Activity


  • ​Minimum Age: 18 years old
  • Must be staying in a private villa.
  • A $75 per event fee will apply to guests not staying in Cabo Luxury villas.
  • Not available to hotel or resort guests.

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