Private Yoga Class at your Residence

Private Yoga Class at your Residence

Enjoy a 60 minute yoga class in the comfort of  your private residence.

Types of classes available: Beginner, Vinyasa, Meditation and Restorative

Whether you are looking for deep, delicious relaxation, a sweat-inducing vinyasa flow, or a lighthearted practice to shake the stress off, Ashley is well equipped with over 10 years of teaching yoga + movement. Her classes are intelligently designed, lighthearted, and accommodate all fitness levels and abilities. Whatever you desire in your own private class, Ashley is able to provide you with the yoga experience you’re seeking!



$140 USD 1 to 4 guests

$200 USD 5 to 9 guests

$250 USD 10 to 14 guests

$310 USD 15 to 20 guests


1 hour


What's Included

  • Professional Instructor
  • Mats
  • Props


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