About Cabo Luxury

About Cabo Luxury

What makes us different from any other Cabo hotel or booking agent? The fact that we are not a hotel or a booking company is what makes us different. You will not find advertisements or “Deal of the Week” flashing on our site.

We live here year-round and we saw an opportunity to change how the elite traveler experiences Los Cabos.

Two South Georgia boys are bringing Southern Hospitality to Mexico!

When you arrive in Cabo you will meet one of, if not both of us on the day of your arrival. We are hands on, personal, and personable guys who sincerely care about how you experience Los Cabos. And we want to be sure that you squeeze every drop of goodness out of your getaway before you leave.

Trust us, we live here. The places you will go and the people you will meet are what we know every day.

At Cabo Luxury, we utilize all of the available resources and our expert local knowledge to help our clientele experience the very best of Los Cabos with a hand’s on approach to a personalized vacation.

Cabo Luxury Team

We are hands-on business owners who are actually HERE on the ground in Cabo. We offer complete concierge service. We are here to provide our clients with a level of luxury that is unique in the destination.Our driving principles:

  • To provide uniquely luxurious experiences, which exceed our clients’ expectations
  • To design and manage individually-tailored itineraries to maximize your invaluable vacation time resulting in unforgettable getaways
  • To only offer residences that epitomize luxury and warrant the Cabo Luxury Seal of Approval
  • To embrace our guests with the same Southern hospitality with which we were raised to turn guests into life-long friends

What Makes Us Different

“Why is your service better than one of the other companies I saw on the web?”

Actually, there are many reasons why our service is better:

  1. We care.
  2. Our team is hands on.
  3. Our founders, Brian and Justin, are both from Georgia and they deliver Southern Hospitality.
  4. We care about how you experience Los Cabos, and we want to be sure that you live the Cabo Lifestyle while you are here.
  5. We live here and we provide an individually-tailored experience delivered in person.
  6. We live the Cabo Lifestyle so our offerings are authentic.
  7. We don’t market every property that offers us a contract. We are specialists, and we focus on our boutique collection that meets our standards.

“What do you mean when you say you “live” the Cabo Lifestyle?”

Cabo is not just a town, it is a full-body experience. People come from all around the world to breathe the Cabo ether. What we mean is that we live here, and we live that experience. 5-star spas, surfing, fishing, golfing, snorkeling, refined food and wine, organic cuisine, and the embracing culture of Mexico….these are all part of the active Cabo Lifestyle. Cabo is sunny 360 days per year – the sky is the only limit to what you can do.

“I have been to Cabo many times, what is so different about Cabo Luxury?”

We are willing to bet that in your previous visit you did not meet the gringo that rented you the villa. Was your agent here on the ground in Cabo to be sure that all of your expectations were met and that all of your needs were satisfied? When you book with Cabo Luxury, you will meet one of our owners when you arrive. And we will be at your service for the duration of your visit. That is the difference. When you are our guest, you will enjoy integrated personal services from our concierge team which will be arranged prior to arrival so that all you do is arrive and relax.

“What if I want a home that is not on your website?”

Because we live here, we have relationships with the owners of many more homes than just the ones on our site. Therefore, if our offerings don’t meet your pricing requirements, we will be able to help you find a home that works for you.

“What makes Cabo so different?”

Cabo is a small town with a “Tinsel Town” feel. Where else can you go to Sammy Hagar’s bar and Kenny Chesney climbs on stage for a surprise concert? Things just happen here that don’t happen anywhere else in the world. No one has their guard up here, it is very safe, and everyone relaxes and just vacations.

“Why do so many people flock to such a rustic place?”

Well, I guess you will just have to come and see! Cabo is magic and will sneak up on you. You think you are going to small-town Mexico and then you sit down to dinner next to someone you see on TV and have drinks with them. This place just has a special aura about it that grabs you the moment you step off the plane, and you just can’t get enough.